Certification of accuracy or sworn translation

A translated document, to keep its legal value, must be certified by its translator.

Documents like diplomas, certificates, legal acts, contracts, and letters of attorney are all subject to certification. In general, this procedure needs to be executed every time an official statement from the translator about the equivalence between source text and target text is required.

To carry on the certification procedure, the translator needs to go to court with the original copy of the document (that she/he has previously received either brevi manu or by mail or courier), the translation, and the minutes of her/his swearing-in, certifying the accuracy of the work done.

Certification does not undergo any territorial jurisdiction, and the procedure can be performed everywhere in Italy.

It is not possible to certify a translation among two foreign languages: Italian has to be one of the two.


  • One 16€ tax stamp every 25-lines page of the translated text – including the minutes of the swearing-in
  • Agency costs
  • Shipping costs (if any)

Legalization with apostille

If an expert’s report or a translation has to be sent abroad, legalization of the clerk’s signature at the public prosecutor’s office in the court is required.

Legalization is an official acknowledgement of the person who signed a document, plus the authentication of such signature.

Countries that undersigned The Hague convention require an apostille certificate – which is a form of simplified legalization.

The apostille legalization process consists in:

  1. Document legalization (or apostille) approved by the Prefecture or the Public Prosecutor’s Office – Local Government Office
  2.  Translation
  3. Court certification of the translation accuracy
  4. Legalization/apostille of the court clerk’s signature, upon oath reception at the Public Prosecutor’s Office

A full list of the Countries applying The Hague convention is available here.


Legal translations


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