Translator & Post-editor

In love with words and foreign languages since before she could speak Italian all that well herself, in the fourth grade she decided she would study foreign languages. At the age of 12, she never would have guessed that her obsession with Tokio Hotel would later lead her to study German for nine years, move to Germany, get a degree in Translation & Interpreting, and ultimately, establish a career as a freelance translator from German and English into Italian.

She also attended an Advanced Course in Technical and Legal Translation in Pisa but her mind craved creativity, which is why she often kept herself busy with workshops and online courses focused on literary and tourism translation. Over the years, she has worked abroad as an interpreter, dealt with peculiar customers in a contact center, and taught English to kids. All were valuable professional experiences that served to reinforce the idea that she belongs with computers, dictionaries, CAT tools, cats, headphones, and limited social interactions. She may not be the life and soul of the party, but she loves her job, that’s for sure.