Ambassador & Mascot

The youngest member of our team, Fuzzy joined Creative Words in October 2018 and immediately began to travel the world: right after being hired, she made a short stay in Berlin then flew to the other side of the world for a very special trip to Japan and Mauritius. Back in Europe, she has dedicated herself to conferences, networking, and enviable weekends out of town, as evidenced by the photographic evidence she likes to send us from time to time.

Even though this is her very first work experience, she’s proving to be the ideal travel companion and ambassador: she helps us strike up a conversation with anyone, standing out nearly everywhere she goes, and above all, elevating Creative Words’ brand to the very top with her selfies—always in her designer t-shirt—taken in front of the most representative symbols of all the places she visits.

We chose her out of a vast pool of applicants because her long neck represents our way of looking at things: with farsightedness and from a different perspective.