Community Manager


Antonella was born not too many years ago in a (moderately) charming village in Apulia and immediately realised three things about herself: 1. She is fiercely Apulian, and proud of it; 2. She talks too much; 3. She’s an inveterate nerd/geek. With this in mind, studying languages was the only way forward. Sustained by the traditional orecchiette with turnip tips and panzerotti, in the land of the trulli (long live the stereotypes!), she began by studying linguistic communication in Bari and then focused on specialised translation in Forlì, the land of flat bread and fried gnocchi, concentrating on English and Spanish, her two favourite languages.

In a slight change of course, she decided that rather than translating for a living she would step behind the scenes, building on a recent experience in HR management, combined with a Vendor Management traineeship for an agency in Bologna. Life then brought her to Genoa and to Creative Words, where she now works as Community Manager: essentially a VM with leadership ambitions.

She loves eating anything that’s edible, reading, travelling, all kinds of music, Harry Potter, a variety of TV shows, Harry Potter, going for long walks with her friends, going to the movies, Harry Potter…

So, basically, she can’t stand Harry Potter.