• May 23, 2017


by Sara Galluccio


What does a ghost writer really do?                                 

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a ghostwriter is “a person whose job it is to write material for someone else who is the named author”.

Ghostwriters usually help celebrities, politicians or other well-known personalities who need to give a public speech or want to write their memories, but don’t have the necessary time or skills to make it properly from a professional point of view.


A good ghostwriter will collect all the information and contents that the would-be author wants to convey, absorb her/his communication manners and come out with a text that sounds professional and commercially attractive and, at the same time, has the characteristic mould of the person who will result as the author.


Anything else?

On a smaller scale, there are many other, less-typical forms of ghostwriting that have been gaining ground a lot in recent years, as web and social media turned more and more important in promoting and advertising commercial activities.

I am thinking in particular of small commercial activities such as individual services or craft activities, that are not structured like big companies but still need some online visibility to improve their business. In these cases, unless she/he is a very good communicator, the owner will hardly have the time and the skills to handle the advertising and social promotion in a profitable way: this is absolutely normal! Everyone should be put in the condition to do her/his own job, and if the hairdresser round the corner is extremely good in her profession, she might be not equally good in promoting herself and her salon appropriately.


This is where an expert in communication can help: more than a simple advertisement, a ghostwriter can be useful for managing blog, newsletter and Facebook page writing all contents in place of the professional himself.

Let’s consider, as an example, a little shop of hand-made jewels whose artisan and owner wants to increase the shop’s popularity and find new clients: in order to come out with texts sounding credible and real to the clients of the shop, the ghostwriter will need to socialize with the artisan, get to know some details of her activity – even technical, if possibile – keep informed on sales promotions, trade fairs and fashion trends and then put it all together, find a style that fits that specific person and be her/his voice on the web.

Blog and newsletter should be written in the first person as the artisan would do: a good ghost writer will disappear and play the part of the person he’s writing for.


But it’s hard, isn’t it?

Yes, it is. This kind of work may seem easy but, on the contrary, it needs a lot of time and skills to be effective. The ghostwriter will have to change subject-matters and style from time to time, paying attention to contents but also to the personality of the person he’s writing for, making the blog or Facebook post credible and effective.


Is it worth it?

We believe it is.

Keep in mind we’re talking about social identity and how to introduce oneself to possible clients: if you want to give an impression that reflects your reliability and professionalism, you should really entrust an expert in communication that puts his/her skills at your disposal and leaves you the time to do what you do best: your work.


So if you need a strategy to revive your business don’t hesitate to contact us: our ghostwriters are ready to find with you the best way to promote your activity!



Sara Galluccio Editorial translator from English and Spanish into Italian, tireless reader, blogger by chance. Fond of travelling, nature, sport, food and wine. A real animal lover and in a weird relationship with technology, she hates wasting time and can’t wait for teleporting to be part of her everyday life. The World of her dreams is based on the respect for all the living creatures inhabiting it.


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