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by Daniela D'Amato


When I joined Creative Words as an Operations Manager last summer, one of the first items on my to-do list was guiding the Company towards ISO certification 17100:2015. However, since at Creative Words we tend to be recklessly ambitious (aka “crazy”, as I soon learned), we would not have been satisfied enough in getting one certification only: as simple as it sounds, we would have gone for two certifications at the same time, ISO 17100:2015 (Translation Services) and ISO 18587:2017 (Machine Translation Post-Editing Services). So, picture me: new Company, new role, first week and already quite an ambitious project to work on. I couldn’t have asked for more!


I am a very organised person who likes when everything is nice and tidy and rules are followed, so setting up rules to comply with even higher rules was not going to be that hard. Or so I thought. When I had the first call with the Certification Body to learn how to best approach the ISO standards for the first time, it was clear to me how complex such process would become. However, once embraced a few key concepts and appreciated the importance of such stringent requirements for an LSP such as Creative Words, it was even easier training the new members of staff bearing these standards in mind: eventually, drafting the documentation for the two certifications was just a matter of putting down in writing what our Project Managers and linguists already did in their everyday lives.


Creative Words is a fairly young Company that has grown very rapidly over the past few months, so getting these two certifications at this very precise moment in time was particularly important for the Company’s growth itself: to put it in very simple words, it gave us an excuse to force us with written procedures, solid processes and a standardised approach towards every new project and challenge.


Being certified gives our customers the confidence that their projects are always managed according to a worldwide recognised standard process: it also ensures that our in-house staff and freelancers are highly qualified, since they need to meet very stringent requirements to be able to work with us, which also contributes to the growth of our customer’s trust in our services.  

In particular, getting ISO 18587:2017 (the certification of quality for Machine Translation Post-Editing projects) was quite a natural process for us, as we have been providing this service since the very early stages of Creative Words: it is definitely the service we feel most experienced with and it accounts for a big chunk of the workload we receive every day.

Getting such certification not only proved that we did know what we were already doing before, but it also brought such recognition to a whole different level: as far as we have learnt, Creative Words is one of the first Italian Companies to have successfully obtained ISO 18587:2017, and this is absolutely what we are mostly proud of.



Daniela D’Amato – Operations Manager at Creative Words, she loves the world of Localization almost as much as she loves music. While looking out for new challenges, she never leaves anything to chance and keeps everything (and everyone) under control.


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