• Sep 17, 2020

In addition to providing cultural, professional and educational benefits, learning a foreign language has many proven neuropsychological advantages, we list the most famous:

1) It makes the brain grow: by learning a new language the centers of the brain grow, and structural changes in the brain regions have been confirmed.
2) It fights Alzheimer's: according to 5 years of research, a delay in dementia and degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's has been confirmed in the subjects analyzed.
3) Improves hearing: the brain has to work harder to distinguish different types of sounds coming from the ears.
4) Increases cognitive sensitivity: learning new languages also enhances the understanding of unknown languages never heard before.
5) Enhances memory: children who grew up in a bilingual environment have demonstrated greater mnemonic, calculating and reading skills than the average.
6) Improves Multitasking: Bilingual people show less stress in switching between tasks and adapting to all kinds of unexpected events.
7) Increases attention: a strong propensity for attention is scientifically proven, filing moments of distraction in everyday things.
8) Doubles the brain ability: People who master two or more languages must monitor which terms to use and how. This continuous attention inevitably brings mental benefits.
9) Change the world view: Learning new terms helps the brain to perceive things connected to them in a different and more multifaceted way.
10) Improve your native language: studying another language draws attention to the rules, norms and structure of your native language.


And if you want to deepen your studies, here is the list of the various researches!

Growth of language-related brain areas after foreign language learning
The Cognitive Benefits of Being Bilingual
Second Language Research Institute of Canada
Working memory development in monolingual and bilingual children
Cognitive and Linguistic Processing in the Bilingual Mind


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